Our Company

The ENITOR-energy-solar GmbH & Co. KG is a young and dynamic company which already tackles and puts into practice tomorrow’s ideas. As a group of companies we offer forward looking and high quality technologies and at the same develop into a global system supplier and developer.

Together with the AGENS energie, a company of our companies’ group, we can fall back on a 10-year-experience in the field of construction supervision and project development in order to stay on the market and to meet the more and more complex technical requirements. Furthermore, we have a close relationship with strong partners in the field of research & development to further develop individual projects and to make them more attractive for our customers. By using quality products of different brand manufacturers as for instance Hilti, Sigma or HEB, the ENITOR-energy-solar GmbH & Co. KG turns into reality the vision of their customers in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and lasting way. With us you may experience efficiency and sustainability by latest equipment and a strong team.

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Our target

It is the target of ENITOR-energy-solar GmbH & Co. KG to strengthen its position on the international market and thus further integrate into the strongly growing solar market. We support companies, investors and energy suppliers in investing money profitably for a long term and to become independent at the same time.

More than that, with our work we make a sustainable contribution to the worldwide climate protection and ensure a better and cleaner future.

The satisfaction of our customers is of highest priority in all our projects, because they are the basis of our success. Their satisfaction is our standard.

We, the staff of ENITOR, see the focus of our future work planning and construction of new plants and especially the care and service of already existing plants. The regular inspection and maintenance of plants and hence the ensuring of functionality of all parts of the system will be an essential part of stable earnings for many years.

Another field of activity which we have been developing together with a partner company for some time is the solar plant construction on the water. After having tested several prototypes, we are going to start a pilot plant of our own in the near future.

Another product which was created by development and research work can already be launched. With the help of the pole cover developed by us, maintenance costs can be considerably reduced on ground-mounted photovoltaic plants.


Our Partners